The INTRASTAT system is in force in Poland as of May 1, 2004.

We provide services streamlined to our Clients` needs and maintain all their data confidential.

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    Statistical thresholds
    in 2024

    Basic threshold:

    for arrivals PLN 6.200.000

    for dispatches PLN 2.800.000

    Detailed threshold:

    for arrivals: PLN 103.000.000

    for dispatches PLN 150.000.000

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    Within the scope of the Intrastat system
    we offer:
    • recording arrivals and dispatches of Community goods in the INTRASTAT system
    • data processing for INTRASTAT declarations
    • completing INTRASTAT declarations
    • filing INTRASTAT declarations with competent customs chambers
    • – keeping INTRASTAT declarations in archives
    • advising on current legal regulations applicable to foreign trade
    • acting for and on behalf of business entities in customs offices
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    Intrastat System

    All Polish entrepreneurs who exchange goods with the European Union countries are obliged to compile statistical reports – INTRASTAT Declarations.

    The obligation to provide the statistical information bounds these entrepreneurs whose goods are moved (i.e. received, dispatched) within the EU and the value of the goods in a given calendar year exceeds the so-called ‘statistical thresholds’ which are established and announced by the Central Statistical Office (GUS).


1018 declarations

Intrastat in 2015

TEXTRA has an individual department responsible for the Intrastat system. This means that each order is assigned to a dedicated administrator and is processed in due time